5 Signs You Should Have A Third Party Transport Heavy Equipment

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5 Signs You Should Have A Third Party Transport Heavy Equipment

19 July 2022
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Hiring a team of heavy equipment movers is a good way to protect some of your most important assets. You might not be sure whether your machinery requires heavy equipment transport, though. If you're on the fence, consider these 5 signs you should probably ask a third-party services provider for assistance.

Wrong Hauling Equipment

Moving heavy equipment tends to involve even more heavy equipment. For example, many longer pieces of equipment should move on task-specific flatbeds that have the necessary reinforcement and design to do the job safely. If you don't have the right equipment for hauling your assets, you could take on major liability exposure if you try to move it with your resources.

When in doubt, ask a heavy equipment transport company to handle the problem. They will have the right tools and training to securely transport your equipment.

Lots of Moving Parts

Some pieces of heavy equipment represent multiple problems. Rather than just securing them to a bed or trailer, you may need to secure several free-moving or loose components. Every component that can move during heavy equipment transport is an accident waiting to happen. Even a small shift in the weight distribution at highway speed can send a hauler off the road. If you're not comfortable with securing lots of moving parts, ask a professional hauler to help.

Too Expensive

The cost of heavy equipment transport can be high, especially if you don't have the right resources. Fuel costs can be high, and you may need to hire certified drivers, too. In many cases, it's cheaper to let a transportation company deal with the job because they have the right equipment and people to do it efficiently.


Heavy equipment transportation can be time-consuming. A construction firm, for example, may need to get its people working at a job site. In many cases, they can wait for some of the heavy equipment to arrive. The construction company may even have to wait if they need to install temporary roads and bridges to provide site access.

Insurance Requirements

Not all insurers are willing to allow their policyholders to do this sort of work. If you want to relocate heavy equipment, especially across public roadways, your insurer may tell you to hire a licensed company. Not only will this make the insurer happier, but it will likely reduce your liability exposure when you have your equipment out in the world. If something happens, there's a good chance it will fall on the hauler's insurance policy and not yours.

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