4 Vehicles You Can Move With Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing

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4 Vehicles You Can Move With Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing

30 September 2021
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If your wheel loader breaks at the construction site or the semi-trailer is stranded in bad weather, a heavy-duty vehicle towing company can rescue you quickly. Indeed, you mustn't rely on average hauling services to move your big machinery or commercial trucks. Heavy-duty towing trucks are built for such a job. When your large trailer rolls over in difficult terrain, calling a large truck towing company is the best thing to do.

Whether you're moving a front loader or an excavator, large towing vehicles make work easy. These trucks employ a reinforced recovery method with exceptional pulling power. Even if your large passenger bus is stuck in tricky recovery conditions, these trucks use extensive power to provide safe and secure towing. 

Here are some vehicles a heavy-duty vehicle towing service helps you move.

1. Tractor Trailers

If your temperature-controlled tractor trailer requires moving or the nearest truck repair workshop, heavy-duty vehicle towing services come in handy. You must engage a towing outfit that provides customized wheeling and hookup equipment for safety purposes. Towing loaded tractor trailers can be hazardous for other road users and the tow truck. Using improper equipment or below-average tow tricks can lead to accidents and lawsuits. Luckily, experienced large vehicle towing services leverage advanced techniques to pull your trailer to safety.

2. Buses

Long-distance commercial buses or large shuttle buses break down and cause nasty traffic snarl-ups. Indeed, the span, weight, and model of these buses warrant special towing techniques and gear. Fortunately, heavy-duty vehicle towing trucks have the capacity to move broken-down buses. Reliable towing companies fit their towing vehicles with integrated, under-reach, and wheel lift equipment. This eliminates vehicular damage when moving your bus over a long distance. The exceptional pulling and rotation capability allows customized tow trucks to recover large buses from precarious accident sites or harsh terrain.

3. Big Trucks

If you want to move your big rig or construction dumper to a construction site, large vehicle towing services can handle the heavy lifting. Customized heavy-duty towing vehicles move your heavy machinery over uneven or inaccessible roads. Whether you want to move your concrete mixer or bobtail to the new construction site, large tow trucks allow you to do so conveniently and affordably.

4. Motor Homes

Motor homes come in a variety of odd shapes and massive weight. Ideally, you can't haul them using a conventional towing service. But investing in a large vehicle moving truck allows you to relocate your oddly shaped and heavy RV home to its next destination. You must ensure that the service provider utilizes proper wheel lifting knowledge and secure axles to enhance safety in transit.