Streamline The Transport Of Your Construction Equipment

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Streamline The Transport Of Your Construction Equipment

24 March 2019
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Construction equipment is vital to the completion of any major project. Construction companies need a way to move their equipment from one job site to the next. This is often accomplished using transportation companies that specialize in moving heavy equipment.

You can easily reduce your overhead costs by streamlining your company's transportation. Better transportation techniques will reduce the amount of time and money required to move your construction equipment between job sites.

Use the Right Trailer

There are several different kinds of trailers that can be used to transport heavy construction equipment. You must use the right trailer for each machine you are moving to avoid potential problems with the height of the load.

Traditional flatbed trailers should be reserved for smaller pieces of equipment, like forklifts and tractors. Large machinery should be transported using a step deck trailer, which features a lower section in the middle of the trailer for added height clearance, or a lowboy.

Keeping your loads as low to the ground as possible will allow you to safely pass under overpasses to take the most direct route to your next job site.

Avoid Wide Load Designations

Equipment that doesn't fall within state-mandated dimensions when loaded onto a trailer will be classified as a wide load. These loads will need a special permit before they can be transported on public roadways.

The specialized permits can be costly, especially if you have multiple pieces of equipment that receive wide load designations. You can help avoid the additional cost of transporting wide loads by removing all attachments from your machinery and shipping these attachments separately.

The cost of using another trailer is typically far less than the cost associated with obtaining multiple wide load permits.

Protect Your Equipment

If you spend time preparing your equipment for transport, you will find that fewer repairs are needed to get your machinery up and running at a new job site.

Wrap anything that might break off  (like levers, knobs, and gauges) in bubble wrap. Secure door latches, and lock doors to prevent accidental opening. Disconnect the battery to avoid draining the power from the battery during transport.

Preparation can be vital to preserving the quality and function of your heavy construction equipment when these machines are transported between job sites.

Finding simple ways to streamline the transport of your construction equipment will ensure that you always have access to the machinery needed to complete future construction projects. For more information, contact a company that offers heavy equipment transportation services.