Stuck In Snow: What To Do While Waiting For Towing Services

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Stuck In Snow: What To Do While Waiting For Towing Services

12 December 2018
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It's common to get stuck in the snow every now and then during the winter season. Rather than try to dig yourself out or abandon your vehicle, you can call for tow truck services to help you get out of your situation.

When you wait for the tow truck, your wait can be anywhere from just a few minutes to a longer time period, depending on where you're stuck, how bad the roads are, and whether or not the towing service is on another call. You can help make the wait much easier and safer for you and your passengers — as well as other drivers on the road — by doing the following things.

Call non-emergency services

If your vehicle is not in immediate traffic or posing a danger to other cars, or you aren't hurt, then you don't have to call for emergency service. You should, however, call the non-emergency number so you can alert local authorities of your location and to let them know you've already contacted a tow truck to come to your aide. This way, should a storm occur or you cannot be found by the towing service for any reason, you have a record of where you are and what your situation is like.

Make your vehicle noticeable

Your car should be as noticeable as possible to not only alert other motorists of your location but to let the tow truck driver know where to find you as well. Turn your hazard lights on and place a brightly-colored shirt in your window or open your vehicle's hood to make your presence known. If you are in a secluded area, try using a flashlight to make your car more visible as well, aiming the light towards the top of your vehicle to illuminate your vehicle more effectively.

Stay in your car

The safest thing you can do for you and your passengers is to stay in your car unless you have to get something out of the trunk for immediate use. You risk getting stuck in the snow or exposing yourself to the cold. Your tow truck driver will call you to let you know when they are close, or you can call the towing company to find out how long your wait will continue to be. Stay in your car and use your heater periodically to stay warm until help arrives if it is safe to do so.