Hire A Long-Distance Tow Truck Driver To Transport Your Vehicles To Your New Residence

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Hire A Long-Distance Tow Truck Driver To Transport Your Vehicles To Your New Residence

1 October 2018
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If you and your family will be moving so that you can begin a new job, you are faced with the obstacle of transporting all of your vehicles to your new residence. If your new home is located far away, driving the vehicles to the new location may not be what you had in mind, especially if your children are new drivers or if one or more of your vehicles have some minor mechanical problems. Seek help from a long-distance tow truck operator.

Coordinate The Transport With Your Own Move

Choose the mode of transportation that you and your loved ones will be using to get to the new residence. If you are hiring a long-distance moving company to transport your household goods, coordinate your plans so that you and your family, the moving crew, and the tow truck operator all leave around the same time.

Obviously, you will want to be at your new home when the others arrive, so it may be even more beneficial if you leave a little bit ahead of the other drivers and contact them both via phone when you have arrived. 

If you choose a form of public transportation, such as an airplane or train, buy your tickets prior to hiring a moving crew and tow truck operator so that you have a definitive date for the move that you can relay to the moving crew and tow truck operator.

Inquire About The Truck Type And Transport Fee

If you haven't used a long-distance towing service before, learn more about the type of truck that will be used to transport your vehicles and the transport fee that you will be responsible for. A flatbed tow truck will likely be used. This type of truck uses a hydraulic system to lower the back end of the flatbed.

An automated winch will be attached to the front of the first vehicle being loaded. Afterward, a couple of hooks that are attached to the winch will be used to secure the vehicle. Additional vehicles will be loaded in the same manner. You may be required to sign a waiver prior to having your vehicles transported. The waiver will state that accidental damages will not be the fault of the driver.

Rest assured, a long-distance driver is used to hauling vehicles for many miles and will take good care of your vehicles during the trip. One thing that you can truly appreciate is the fact that the towed vehicles will not endure any wear and tear since their wheels will be safely resting on the tow truck bed's surface.

Contact an auto transport or auto towing service for more information.