Broken Down On A Busy Freeway? Keep Yourself Safe By Avoiding These Mistakes

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Broken Down On A Busy Freeway? Keep Yourself Safe By Avoiding These Mistakes

3 November 2017
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While driving down a busy freeway, your car may have stalled and left you stranded on the side of the road. If you have already called a towing service and are waiting for help to arrive, keep yourself safe by avoiding the following mistakes.

Standing Outside of Your Car

When you first break down, you may be tempted to get out of your car and see if you can find out what made your car stall in the first place. However, while this strategy may work if you are broken down on a deserted road with little traffic, doing so while stranded on a busy highway could put your life in jeopardy.

In a perfect world, other drivers would stay in their own lanes. In reality, a person driving by could be talking on their cellphone or otherwise not paying attention. If they were to swerve just little bit onto the shoulder, they could accidentally hit you and seriously injure you. Or, the impact could kill you.

Except for putting up flares to mark your vehicle, stay inside your car. Even when you do get out, complete the task quickly so you can get back into your vehicle as soon as possible.

Flagging Down Passing Vehicles

Along with not standing outside of your car is the mistake of trying to flag down passing vehicles for help. Not only does this put you at risk for being struck, as discussed in the first section, but you could also be putting others at risk.

When you try to get the attention of passersby on the freeway, you momentarily distract them from driving. If they are driving in heavy traffic and take their eyes off the road to look at you for even a brief moment, they may end up either hitting the person in front of them or swerving off of the road.

If you feel you need help, roll down your window and place a white or light colored shirt on the glass. Then, roll up your window to anchor it. This is a sign to law enforcement that you require assistance. Also, if you have already called a towing service, this can help them identify your vehicle and find you easier. 

Avoiding the above mistakes can help keep you safe while you are stranded on the freeway and waiting for help. For more advice on staying safe in the area in which you find yourself, ask the dispatcher for the towing service when you call requesting assistance. Contact a company, like Darryll's Towing , for more help.