One-Time & Recurring Options for Towing Services

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One-Time & Recurring Options for Towing Services

3 October 2017
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If you own a car, you cannot rule out the possibility that you may need the services of a towing company. A number of things can happen on the road that may force you to seek assistance. You may run out of gas, get a flat tire, the battery may go flat or you may lock yourself out of your car.

Barring a miracle, one of these is bound to happen in your lifetime as a driver. Should these happen, what towing options do you have?

Auto Manufacturers

Many car manufacturers, especially of luxury brands, may offer a warranty that will include towing services within a limited distance depending on the nature of the problem. Also, some used car dealers may offer such incentives but with limitations.

Insurance Companies

Besides normal comprehensive insurance as a car owner, you can add towing services to your insurance policy at a monthly fee. Please note, that the additional cost will be dependent on factors such as the car type and its location.

Credit Card Companies

Credit card companies will sometimes offer one-time towing services. Their services have conditions that must be met. For example, towing can only be done within a five miles radius. In case of a tire change, the spare tire must be properly inflated. If fuel is to be delivered it must be inside of five gallons and it will be at your cost. It is worth keeping this option in mind if you are in a pinch and you can't contact another service provider.

Mobile Service Providers

Depending on your service provider, you may or may not have the chance to exercise a recurring option. Companies may offer their customers the option to pay a fee, such as $3 per month or alternatively a one-time fee at the time the towing services for non-subscribers.

Auto Clubs

Auto clubs insist on a subscription. An example is the American Automobile Association that will offer services based on mileage and other factors. Costs will vary from rung to rung.

As a motorist, you are likely to need towing service at one time or another. You may opt for a subscription service or for a one-time payment as the need arises. Either way, you will need to look at the benefits of each service against its limitations, and doing so in the moment can be tough. That's why it's recommended to figure out your preferred towing service now.