Tips For Roadside Safety While Waiting For A Tow Truck

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Tips For Roadside Safety While Waiting For A Tow Truck

15 September 2017
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Breaking down on the highway is both a scary and dangerous time for drivers. When you have the misfortune of your vehicle breaking down on a highway, follow these tips to stay safe while waiting for a tow truck to arrive:

Tip: Get as Far Off the Right Shoulder as Possible

Whether your car blows a tire in the fast lane or your engine overheats in the slow lane, you should always make every possible effort to pull as far off to the right shoulder as possible. You should never pull into the center divider unless it is absolutely necessary and make sure you avoid any soft soil your car could get stuck in. Getting off of the highway is essential so that an approaching car doesn't accidentally hit yours as they pass.

Tip: Turn on Your Car's Emergency Flashers

As soon as you are safely parked on the right shoulder, then you need to turn on your car's emergency flashing lights. The lights are a signal to passing motorists to avoid hitting your car and they are also a signal to passing law enforcement officers that you have a mechanical problem. Additionally, your emergency lights make it easier for the tow truck driver to spot your car after it gets dark.

Tip: Lay Flares on the Roadway Leading to Your Car

After you turn on your emergency flashers, if it is safe to do so, you should place flares on the roadway leading up to your car. This is especially important if you are broken down on a windy highway or one with few passing cars. Place as many flares leading up to your car as you have in your trunk to give other drivers ample time to slow down before passing you. However, if you break down on a very busy freeway, then you should not put flares out if it places you in danger of being hit by a passing car.

Tip: Stay in Your Car and Call for Assistance

Finally, other than placing flares out if it is safe to do so, you should stay inside of your car with your seatbelt on. Cars are moving by at dangerous speeds on a highway and it is not safe for you or your family to be standing outside along the roadway. Instead, stay in your car and keep your seatbelt on just in case a passing car hits your car while you are waiting for the tow truck.

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