Different Types Of Towing Services

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Different Types Of Towing Services

1 September 2020
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Towing companies offer different towing services. When looking for a tow truck company, it is essential to determine the services they offer. Here is a breakdown of the common types of towing services.

Lightweight and Medium Towing

Many tow truck companies deal with light- and medium-duty cars. This service is offered to vehicles that are light in weight. The services include jumpstarts, lockouts, and other services meant to fix a vehicle that fails to start. 

Lightweight and medium towing can also come in handy when you are out of gas or when your vehicle breaks down. These towing services also include towing your vehicle during an accident that leaves your car damaged to the point that it cannot be driven to a mechanic. Lightweight and medium towing services are suited for motorbikes, cars, vans, and small trucks. 

Flatbed Towing Services

Flatbed towing is a popular method of towing vehicles because it is safe and applicable to heavy equipment. This method uses a flatbed truck. The bed has a hydraulic system that enables it to move upwards and downwards.

After the system is brought near the ground, the car is attached to an anchor and slowly pulled to the rear of the tow truck's bed. Flatbed trucks work well for different vehicles, including regular cars, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, if you want your vehicle to be towed over a long distance, you can choose flatbed towing because it applies less stress to the car.

Wheel-Lift Towing Services

A wheel-lift tow truck is suited for towing small vehicles that are light in weight. It can also be used for two-wheel drives. These trucks have a hydraulic boom with tow bars. These tow bars are positioned under the back wheels of the car. The car is then lifted into the air with two of its wheels on the ground.

Wheel-lift tow trucks are mainly used to tow cars over a short distance. They are also ideal for smaller spaces because these trucks can access tight spots. This type of towing gives the driver more control of the vehicle being towed. This method is also safe and reliable because it does not incur any damage to the car. 

In Conclusion

The need for towing services usually arises unexpectedly. Towing companies differ in the types of tow trucks they use and the services they offer. Understanding the different types of towing services is crucial when choosing a towing company.