5 Things To Watch For When The Car Breaks Down

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5 Things To Watch For When The Car Breaks Down

10 October 2019
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When your car breaks down while you are driving, there are 5 major issues that you are going to want to watch for. By being careful and knowing some of the risks of breaking down, you can stay safer. Here are those 5 things to beware of.

1: Watch for smoke – When you break down while you are driving your car, you want to get it to the side of the road or preferably in the safety of a parking lot. Once you have the car pulled over, you want to watch for smoke coming from the motor compartment of the car. Should you see smoke, then you want to move everyone far from the vehicle. Staying near the car can be dangerous because the car has gas in it, and this can lead to an explosion. Also, you won't want to be close to the fire should the car become engulfed in flames.

2: Traffic – Be careful to watch for traffic. If you have pulled over to the right side of the highway, then fast moving cars can create a very dangerous environment, especially when you step out of the vehicle. If possible, you should consider exiting the car by going out through the passenger door. If this is not possible, don't count solely on the mirrors to tell you if cars are coming. Instead, check the mirror and look behind you to verify none are coming. Then, open the door only as far as you need to exit the car. Get to the side of the roadway as quickly as you can without risking tripping in the road.

3: Ditches – When you break down on the highway, you know to pull over to the right side of the road. However, when you do this you want to look carefully and make sure you are aware of a ditch that may also be on the right side. If you move quickly without checking this, then you can end up in a serious situation by either getting the car stuck or even worse, by flipping the car.

4: Repair dangers – If there is something you feel you can take care of on your own, such as a flat tire, you need to make sure it can be done safely. You shouldn't change your own tire if the car is in a dangerous spot that is going to have you out in the roadway.

5: Strangers – If you are alone, or even if someone is with you, you are going to want to make sure you stay aware of your surroundings while you are broke down. Keep your phone on you and make sure you try to get to a well-lit area at night. If a stranger approaches you, keep them a safe distance away and let them know help is on the way. If possible, wait in the car with the windows most of the way up and the doors locked.

Always be direct when telling the towing services professional where you are. Give them street names, as well as a description of the car and what landmarks you are near.