What To Expect If Your Car Needs A Tow

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What To Expect If Your Car Needs A Tow

23 September 2017
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Finding yourself in need of a tow is no fun, but knowing what to expect from the towing process can help you to feel a bit more comfortable and assured that you're getting the service you need. Here are a few things to know about what happens when you need a tow:

Consent To Tow

Your tow truck driver may provide you with a document that provides your consent to tow. This agreement will require your signature before the towing process can be started. Your driver should give you a copy of the agreement before making any attempts to tow your vehicle. Keep this copy for your records, particularly if you need to submit documentation to your insurance company. Remember that this is not the bill. Your driver will give you a separate document indicating the towing charges. This should be presented before towing your vehicle as well, as this will let you know how much the charges will be before your car is hitched to the tow truck. You'll also want to keep a copy of the bill for your records.

Your Transportation

When your car is stranded on the road, that means you are stranded as well. In some cases, you may have alternative transportation for yourself. However, if you don't, you can usually request to ride with the driver to the repair shop. You'll need to sit in the passenger seat of the truck and not in your vehicle, as it may not be safe to ride in the car that is being towed. Be sure to buckle up while riding in the tow truck, and don't attempt to distract the driver. You can ask the mechanic at the repair shop all the questions you might have about repairing your vehicle.

Your Destination

Some tow truck drivers work for specific mechanic shops, while others work for a towing company that partners with several repair shops in the area. It's a good idea to know before you call so you can determine where your car will be serviced. If you hire an independent tow truck driver, he or she should be willing to drive the vehicle to the local repair shop of your choosing. However, remember that some drivers may have mileage restrictions, so if your repair shop of choice is beyond that distance, you'll need to choose one that is closer.

Remember to be courteous to your tow truck driver, even if you are frustrated about your situation. You may just find that your driver might be willing to go above and beyond for a customer who is considerate despite having a bad day. Contact a company like V & A Towing for more information and assistance.